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Changing Teams

The Team Formation and Balancing process is designed to be as fair as possible. However, there are times when something prompts a parent to request their child be moved from the team to another team. This web page, therefore, defines the process for requesting a team change:

  • Non-competitive divisions - such as U6, U7 and U8 - where "non-competitive" means there are no standings or playoffs are formed based on friend/coach requests, common schools or proximity of their homes to other players. Therefore, making requests for these divisions might be difficult.
  • Players on teams in competitive divisions - such as U9, U10, U12 and U14 - are placed on teams using a computer program which develops (to the best of its ability and the available information) balanced teams. As a result, switching players in these divisions requires not only a player willing to swap... It requires the player being swapped to be a player of similar skills, talent, ability and experience.
  • In the case where teams are involved in inter-Regional play, no transfer of any player from one team to another after such teams are formed may be made without the additional approval of the Area Director and, if affecting Section play, the Section Director.

The process for swapping players

The process for swapping players between two teams is performed by the division commissioner. And, no switch shall be made until all approvals are received in writing. The process is:
  1. The parent shall submit their request in writing (where email is sufficient) to the division commissioner.
  2. The division commissioner will contact the coach of the player and let them know of the request.
  3. The division commissioner will begin searching for a suitable player for a swap by contacting the other coaches to see if they have been notified a player on their team would like to switch teams. In the competitive divisions, the coach is limited to swapping a player of similar rating.
  4. The division commissioner must receive (in writing where email is sufficient) approval for the switch from:
    • The parent or guardian of both players.
    • The coaches for both teams.
    • The division commissioner. And,
    • The Regional Commissioner (or their designee
    BEFORE any switch can be made.
  5. Once all approvals have been obtained, coaches shall return the Player Registration Forms in their possession to the division commissioner. The new player can join in on practices (and games) once the coach has their new player's Player Registration Form in their possession.