I have registered. Now what will happen?

Many people registering their child for the first time in AYSO Region 213 don't realize all of the work going on which starts when registration opens and ends a couple of weeks after the season begins. We wrote this document to explain what is going on in the background in addition to explaining when you will hear from someone.

What is going on in the background:

The process of setting up the season requires a coordinated effort which starts with the division commissioners. The division commissioners are responsible for all aspects of their division. Some of the things they are responsible for include:

  • Recruit Coaches. The first - and most important - step is to identify and/or recruit coaches. See "What if there are not enough coaches for all of the registered players?" below to understand what happens if the division commissioner cannot find enough coaches.
  • Form Teams. The division commissioner will begin forming teams once all coaches have been identified (or as many as the division commissioner can find and/or recruit is known). See Team Formation, Team Balancing and Wait List guidelines for detailed information on creating teams, the handling of players on the wait list and how AYSO Region 213 does its best to create balanced teams in all U-6 through U-14 divisions.
  • Practice Assignements. Also once coaches are identified, the division commissioner will begin working with them to identify their preferred practice day(s) and time(s). The division commissioner receives blocks of time/days and field(s) from the Practice Field Coordinator and assigns coaches to their practice assignments. Please see "" below to find out why this means we cannot place your child on a team with a specific practice day(s)/time(s) or on a specific field.
  • Distribute Teams. If everything goes smooth, then the division commissioner will be able to distribute teams to the coaches as soon as everything above is complete. In some cases, this could be as soon as the week of August 13. However, it is not uncommon for some divisions not to be ready until the coaches' meetings (the last week of August).

AYSO R213 Management,
Jun 5, 2013, 10:54 PM