Mail-in Registration Instructions

Note: For FLEX Extra and Flex U19 programs, please contact your coach or team manager for registration instructions and fees. Also, visit our FLEX Extra registration page.

You need to create an application packet for the registrar. Your child cannot be registered until we receive everything required in the application packet. Your application packet must include the following items:

  1. Player Application Form (PAF). Go to the website and complete the PAF online. At the end, print out one (1) copy of the PAF and include it in the registration packet.

    See our eAYSO registration page for help completing the PAF.

    As a reminder, we need the official printed PAF. Therefore, you must use the print icon in eAYSO -- DO NOT use CTRL-P or File/Print to print the webpage.

    If you are using an Apple Mac or iPad, then we recommend you use the Firefox web browser, you export the PAF to a PDF file (instead of printing it) and print the application from the Adobe Acrobat Reader using the PDF file. Email the registrar at for assistance.
  2. Volunteer Survey. You must complete this online volunteer survey (and Refund Policy acknowledgment) at You will receive an email confirmation form after you submit the survey. Print out the form emailed to you, sign it and include this in your application packet. We will not register your child/children until we can match at least one of the parents listed on the PAF to a submitted Volunteer Survey.
  3. Payment. The registration fees are listed below. Checks are made out to "AYSO Region 213."
  4. Proof of Age. There are 4 boxes at the bottom of the first page of PAF you printed out in step 1 above. If the "DOB Verification" box has a N or is Blank, then we need you to submit a copy of a government issued document (such as a passport or birth certificate) as proof of your child's date of birth (for their age).

Player registration fees:

$110 Jamboree (Under-5) players
$125 Under-6 through Under-14 recreational program players
$140 Under-19 players

Note: It is just $50 for the third player in the same family (and no additional charge for the fourth and more children in the same family). For example, if you have an Under-19 child, Under-12 child, Under-10 child and Under-5 child in the same family, then your registration fee is: $140 (U19 player), $125 (U12 player) and $50 (for U10 and U5 players) for a total of $315.

Submitting your Application Packet

You can mail in your completed Application Packet which MUST contain:

  1. One properly printed (from eAYSO) Player Application Form for each player,
  2. At least one printed and signed confirmation email from the Volunteer Survey from each family,
  3. Payment by check payable to "AYSO Region 213" (where a single check for all players is acceptable), and
  4. Proof of age, if needed (See Step 4 in Registration Instructions above).

Send your registration packet to:

AYSO Region 213
C/O Registration
14252 Culver Dr Ste A
Box 206
Irvine CA 92604

Note: The address is a UPS Store. They do not accept hand delivered mail. You need to send the Application Packet in the mail.

How does the waitlist work?

Please CLICK HERE to go to a webpage where we explain how the waitlist works and answer frequently asked questions about the waitlist.

After registration...

Commonly asked questions after you have registered your child are answered here on the After Registration page: