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Fall Extra Registration

AYSO Region 213 is pleased to announce Registration for MY2014 Fall Season is now open.

The season is scheduled from September 6th thru November 15th.

April 5
12:00p to 3:00p
May 4
10:00a to 2:00p
June 7
1:00p to 5:00p
July 19
1:00p to 5:00p
Through July 31, 2014
Sports Authority
Tustin Market Place
13703 Jamboree Rd
Come prepared
Bring your questions.
Bring player's proof of age.
Online Registration
See instructions below


  • The standard fee for the Fall Extra registration is $295 per player.
  • There is a discount for a third player if registered in R213 at the same time. (See registrar for details.)
  • The fee includes the uniform - 2 jerseys, shorts, and 2 pairs of socks.
  • The fee does not include shoes, soccer ball, or shin guards. The fee also does not include tournaments or team gear (backpacks, warm-ups, etc.)
  • We accept credit card (via eAYSO), check, and cash. 

Registration Instructions and Tips

Players on the Extra teams will generally follow the same registration procedure as for the Core program. The primary difference is that you can work with and turn paperwork into the Coach. If you register through the region, we still need approval from the coach before putting you on a team.
There are four steps to completing your application. In order to make the registration happen smoothly. Follow the steps below and pay attention to tips in red.

Step 1: Create (or log in to) your eAYSO account.
Step 2: Apply in eAYSO for child(ren) to play.
Step 3: Complete the Volunteer Survey.
Step 4: Mail in or hand in your Registration Packet.
Step 5: Confirmation from Region 213.

Step 1: Create (or log in to) your eAYSO account.

Log in to or create your eAYSO account. eAYSO is the national database for player (and volunteer) registration. 
For general information about eAYSO or for login support, you can contact us.

Step 2: Apply in eAYSO for your child(ren) to play.

  • From eAYSO's home screen, choose Application for a new player or Application for a returning player, based on if the player has played in AYSO before.
  • When doing the player application in eAYSO, there are screens for Region, Parent Info, Player Info, Concussion Info, Agreement, Region Info, Parent Jobs, eSign Form, Review Form, and Online Payment.  Below are a few useful tips for some of these screens. 
    • Region - We are Region 213.
    • Player Information -
      • Provide a Family E-mail address. This is how we will contact you.
      • Location Code. Enter zExtra for your location code. This will help you avoid getting too much non-Extra emails about registration, etc.
    • eSign form - This screen is not for printing! Halfway down is a checkbox and a place for your name. This is your eSignature.
    • Review form - Doublecheck once more, hit Submit at bottom.
    • Online Payment screen - Choose to Print. Only one copy per player is necessary.
  • Repeat process for additional players.


New! You can now pay by credit card. You can pay for each child separately or all at the same time.
  • If paying by check or money order, submit for full amount as listed above in Fees.  Write the player(s) name and division/team on the check, in the memo section.
  • If paying by credit card, you can return to the online payment screen at any time from the home screen. This is useful if you have several children playing. Apply for each player, then return to Online payment. Your initial charge will be the same as the Core Fees. You will be charged for the balance when you verify your registration. See Step 5 below.

Step 3: Complete the Volunteer Survey (required).

AYSO is a great organization, and it is run by volunteers. Over 200,000 volunteers donate time nationally to make AYSO successful. We need parents like you to help out. We require each family take and submit a Volunteer Survey. It can be found at the link below, and takes only a minute or two to complete.
*Please take the time to consider what YOU can do to help our organization succeed... Don't just rush through the survey with every answer of No.

Volunteer Survey

Once submitted, you will get an email confirmation.  You'll want to print this confirmation out for your registration packet.  Visit our Volunteer Page for additional ideas and information. Try to answer YES to at least one thing in the survey! If you have questions about commitments or roles, there are people available to help answer questions, who can help find the right fit for you based on your time available and skills and interests, if you aren't sure what you can do.

Step 4: Submit your Registration Packet.

You will want to either bring your registration packet to Open Registration or mail in your registration packet.  Additionally, you can come to the Open Registration and complete the packet there.  We will have computers for use.  Your registration packet should include the following:
  • First page of the Player Registration Form for each player. Just one copy.
  • Volunteer Survey confirmation that was (or will be) emailed to you when you complete the volunteer survey.
  • Payment or proof of payment receipt printed from eAYSO Online Payment screen if paying by credit card.
    If paying by check, payable to AYSO Region 213. Please write the child's name / team on the check.
  • Proof of player's age. Birth Certificate or Passport are most common.  If the player is already DOB Verified (lower right corner of Page 1 says "Y") then you don't need to provide proof of age.

  • Submit your registration packet to your coach.

Step 5: Confirmation from Region 213.

Once the first four steps above are complete, your player is an applicant. Our registration team will processes your player, and will send you a confirmation email requiring one last step by you. This will involve you logging into eAYSO to verify the registration. This process only takes about 30 seconds once logged in. If paying by credit card, you will have a chance to pay the balance online at this point.
Questions on registration can go to your coach, the Extra Administrator, or the Registrar.