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Fall 2016 Game Schedules

Matchtrak is a website that is used for scheduling games, useful for parents, coaches, and referees. It is divided into circuits. Clicking on the link below takes you to the home page for that circuit.  

Area Q - U12, U14 (Inter-region play)

Area L - U16, U19 (Area L play)

Section - Extra Teams

How to use Matchtrak

  • Find your playing circuit, either clicking on the link above, or from Matchtrak.com home page.
  • On the left side of Matchtrak, look under [Teams], click on the proper age group.
  • Then find your coach and click on their name. 
  • Your schedule is displayed.

How to find who your coach is

To find your coach, you use eAYSO - the same system you used to register your child.  
  • Log in to eAYSO
  • Click on [Contact your Coach/Region] on the left side, near the bottom.
  • Ignore rows that say "Primary" for the Program.
  • Find the row that says "1p Fall Rec" for program, and note the coach name and email.
  • You can use this information to contact your coach, as well as to see the Matchtrak schedule

  • If you believe you are properly registered, but it says "Unavailable" for coach (for 1p Fall Rec) then leave an email at info@aysosoccer.org, include the player first and last name, and ID number.