AYSO R213 - Wait List Registration

Wait List Registration

    After Open Registration is over, anyone signing up for a program goes on our wait list. The best way to avoid being put on the wait list is to sign up during Open Registration. The Region strongly suggests subscribing to the newsletter (available on our Home Page) so you can be kept informed of upcoming seasons, registrations, and dates.
    As soon as we finish with Open Registration, our first task is to estimate the number of teams we'll have. Our estimates usually allow for more players to join. There are two general reasons we accept people from the wait list.
    1. Fill up gaps in teams as we are forming them.
      • The region first decides how many teams to form. 
      • We always allow room to add players to fill up those teams. 
      • Example: Team size is 7 to 9 players, and we have 72 players. We can create 8 FULL teams and be done. We would probably aim for 10 teams (70 to 90 players) giving us room to add up to 18 more players as they register late. 
    1. Replace players as people leave the program.
      • Sometimes players quit.
      • Sometimes players get hurt.
      • Sometimes players move.
      • There are various reasons a player may decide not to play soccer. This could happen before the season starts, or during the season.
      • If a person leaves, this frees up a spot, which we fill from the wait list.
      • The wait list priority is based on time of Signup/Payment for the season. The region may take into account city of residence during wait list registration.
    Our Waitlist is maintained through the third week of the season. If you wish to withdraw from the wait list on your own, prior to that, you can fill in the Drop/Refund request form at www.aysosoccer.org/parents/refunds. If there is still no spot by end of third week, we cancel all wait list applicants. It is not fair to you, to the team, or to the region to have you join after that point.

    If you have questions about your registration status, you can email registrar@aysosoccer.org.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Waitlist

    There are several questions we get asked:

    1. Is there room in my child's division (before I send the application in)?

      Answer: It is risky for us to tell you if there is room in a division before you submit your child's application for a variety of reasons such as:

      • We don't know how many other applications are "in the mail" which might be ahead of you.
      • The division commissioners are still recruiting coaches and might not be ready to say whether or not the division has openings.

    2. When or how will I find out if my child was placed on a team?

      Answer: There are a few ways you can find out:

      1. You will hear from the coach or the division coordinator as soon as the coach received the registered player form. And,
      2. You can contact your child's division coordinator. A list of division coordinators (and their email address) is available under the "About Us" tab under "Divisions"

      Keep in mind each division can - and usually is - at a different stage. If you have 2 or more children, then you might find out one child has been placed on team while the other one is still on the wait list.

    3. Do I have to finish the application process to get on the wait list?

      Answer: Yes. We need to receive the complete application package to place your child on the wait list. If a spot opens up, we need to be able to immediately complete the registration of your child to place them on a team -- we can not and will not hold spots on teams waiting for the application package to arrive.

    4. Can I hand deliver the application?

      Answer: No. We do not accept hand delivered application packages. All applications must be done online or by post.

    General Guidelines

    • Division Commissioners do not have the authority to maintain a separate ordered waiting list for their division.
    • A coach who is short players on their roster cannot identify a specific player candidate on the wait list to be placed on their team.
    • A coach cannot recruit players to be on their team. Coaches should not tell the parent of a specific player candidate they will be placed on their team if they send in their application.
    • The Region reserves the right to take players off the wait list out of order when the division needs a coach and the player on the wait list has a parent or guardian who may be willing to coach a team.

    The Region reserves the right, at its discretion, to offer a playing spot to any player on the waiting list.

    Still have questions?

    Send them to management@aysosoccer.org and someone will respond to you as soon as available.