AYSO R213 - Registration Dates

There are two general methods for registration - Event and Online. Each has advantages, some of which are outlined below.

Event Registration

Showing up to a registration event is by far the preferred method.
  • You can see and talk with some of the board members and staff.
  • You can learn about different ways you can contribute to the success of our program.
  • You can meet other families that are also playing in our program. Some new faces, and often some familiar faces as well.
  • You can get any help with the registration process.
  • You can ask questions about the program, fields, times, pretty much anything.
  • You can rest easy, knowing that your registration is complete.


Early Bird Discount

Until July 18th, 2016, we will have our Early Bird Discount fee.


Standard Registration

Until August 1st, 2016, we will charge our standard fee.

Late Registration

On August 1st, we finalize how many teams we plan to have. We continue to accept registrations at our standard fee, filling up available spots in the teams, and creating a wait list once teams are filled.

Online Registration

We allow online registration as well, if you are unable to make it to our registration event.
  • We have simplified registration instructions. (See Related Links.) 
  • This can be done from your computer, at your convenience. 
  • There is no drive, and no waiting in line. (You will have to wait to be processed, however.) 
  • There is no fee difference for online registration.
  • We are a volunteer-driven program. You can look through and discuss ways you can contribute at your own time and pace. Please see our Volunteer pages for more information.