Open Registration Events

AYSO Region 213 is pleased to announce registration for MY2013 Spring Season is now open. The season is scheduled from March 1 through May 10, 2014.

Saturday, January 11
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Saturday, January 25
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Until February 1, 2014
Where: Sports Authority
Tustin Market Place
13702 Jamboree Rd
Irvine, CA 92602
Sports Authority
Tustin Market Place
13702 Jamboree Rd
Irvine, CA 92602
Online Registration
Complete Registration Packet
needs to be sent in.


  • The standard fee for the U5 - U14 program is $90 per player. 
  • There is a discounted rate for multi-season players of $75 per player.  This applies if you played in Region 213 in Fall or Winter 2013.
  • We also offer discounts for families of 3 or more.
For questions about the fees, you can contact the registrar.

Registration Instructions

*If you will be part of a separate Spring Select team, please contact your coach or team administrator for specific registration instructions and fees related to AYSO Area 11Q Spring Select participation.
Spring Registration is open from November 11 through February 1. After February 1, we will continue to accept late, mail-in registrations (see below for more information on how the late, mail-in registration and wait list process works).

You can register in person or by mailing in your registration.

There are four steps to completing your application. In order to make the registration happen smoothly, it is best if you try to do them at least a day prior to showing up at the Registration Event.

Step 1: Create (or log in to) your eAYSO account.
Step 2: Apply to be a Volunteer(s) using eAYSO.
Step 3: Apply to have your child/children to be Player(s) using eAYSO.
Step 4: Mail in or turn in your Registration Packet.


Step 1: Create (or log in) your eAYSO account.

Log in to or create your eAYSO account.

Don't make a new account if you already have one, it makes more work for you as well as for AYSO. For general information about eAYSO or for support, visit our eAYSO support page.

Step 2: Share your Volunteer opinions.

AYSO is a great organization, and it is run by volunteers. Over 200,000 volunteers donate time nationally to make AYSO successful. We need parents like you to help out. As part of registration, we request each family turn in at least one Volunteer Registration Survey, available here.

Visit our Volunteer Page for ideas and information. It helps to have your Volunteer Application done in eAYSO ahead of time, even if you don't know which position you will volunteer for. There are people who can help find the right fit for you, based on your time available and skills and interests.


Step 3: Apply to have your child/children become Player(s) using eAYSO.

The process is slightly different based on the participation in the Fall season.

  • Yes, the player played R213 in the Fall
    • From the main home screen in eAYSO, choose Print player form. (Left side, near the bottom.)
  • No, the player did not play AYSO in the Fall.
    • Choose Application for a new player or Application for a returning player from eAYSO’s welcome screen, based on if the player has played in AYSO before.

When doing the player application in eAYSO, you'll go through 8 screens - Region, Parent Info, Player Info, Agreement, Region Info, Parent Jobs, e-Signature, and Review. If this is for a returning player, most information should already be filled in. A detailed walk-through with screen images is available on our eAYSO Player Registration example.


Step 4: Mail or turn-in your Registration Packet .

Your registration packet should include the following:
  • Player Registration Form (for each player.) Buddy requests (U8 and younger) can be entered in the Sibling section of the Player Information page or emailed to the division commissioner, not handwritten on the form.
  • If your child has not played in AYSO Region 213 before, then please include a copy of a government issued document which verifies their date of birth (such as a Birth Certificate or passport) as needed for each player. We will shred these once their date of birth is verified.
  • Volunteer Survey Form. This comfirmation should be emailed to you when you complete the volunteer survey.
  • Prepare and include a check payable to "AYSO Region 213" based on the following registration fees:
  • New MY2013 Players
    Under-5 through Under-14 players who did not play Fall 2013 or Winter 2013 in AYSO Region 213 pay the standard Spring fee of $90 per player.
    MY2013 Returning Players
    Under-5 through Under-14 players who played in AYSO Region 213 during the Fall 2013 or Winter 2013 season pay the discounted $75/player.

  • Bring your registration packet to a registration event (top of this page) -OR-
  • Send the registration package to:

    AYSO Region 213
    C/O Spring Registration
    14252 Culver Dr Ste A, #206
    Irvine CA 92604-0326

Important: The address is a UPS Store. And, the UPS store will not accept hand delivered application packages... you must MAIL your registration package to us.

Wait List Process

Players whose applications are mailed in late are placed on a wait list. Players are taken off the wait list and assigned to teams based on:

  1. How much room is available in the division.
  2. When the application was mailed to us (we use the US Postal Service postmark date to establish order).
  3. If the division needs a coach, then a player who comes with a parent willing to coach is automatically taken off the wait list.

Please contact your child's division commissioner to find out their status on the wait list. A list of division commissioners is available here: Divisions