AYSO R213 - Registration
Welcome to our Registration Page.

This page is just a landing page. All of the registration information you want can be found on our Related Links list of this page.

For the new parent, you might want to visit the Programs page to learn a bit about what our programs are, how they work. This will help you with many of the questions you have both before and after registration.

Once ready to register, this is the place to be!  The two most important links for you would probably be the Dates page and the Instructions page.

  • The Dates and Times link will not only tell you when we have our Registration Events and our deadlines, but will also tell you the differences between the Event Registration and the Online Registration.
  • The Instructions link will guide you through the simplified process of how to register. If you attend a Registration Event, we'll be right next to you to help guide you through, but it helps to have looked at the instructions anyway.

All of the other links are good information for reference or to answer your questions, as well.

Thank you for choosing AYSO Region 213, North Irvine.

Doug B.
AYSO, Region 213
Regional Commissioner

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