AYSO R213 - Registration
Welcome to our Registration Page.

Our method of registration has changed!
For years, registration has been through a web-based portal known as eAYSO. We kept updating it, but never really made any major changes to it, and it became less functional as our needs changed.
AYSO has decided on a new solution - Blue Sombrero. This is a portal that will not only provide registration, but will make our AYSO lives easier. We will start by using it for registration, but it is also a website platform, which we will be using. It has team functions built in, so once teams are created, you'll have team sharing features both for coaches and for parents. And eventually, we will be able to schedule our games as well.
We are excited to use Blue Sombrero for Spring. For those of you that sign up early, we are offering a Spring Early Bird discount of $20. We hope that you'll also provide feedback on your registration experience - good or bad, so that we can adjust the system to work best.
If you are interested in helping out with the new system, with editing the webpages, or helping with registration or photography, or ideas, please let us know at info@aysosoccer.org.

Eventually, aysosoccer.org will point to the new website, but until it's closer to ready, you can find the registration portal and new website at www.ayso213.org.

Thank you for choosing AYSO Region 213, North Irvine.

Doug B.
AYSO, Region 213
Regional Commissioner

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