Fall Season starts in early September

Ready to sign up for soccer?  AYSO Region 213 has a variety of programs, so take a look and see which one is the right fit for you.
Each program listed below will have slightly different instructions for registration, and a link to those instructions. But every program will follow the same general guidelines.
  • Apply in eAYSO for player
  • Apply on AYSOSOCCER for volunteer
  • Submit player application, volunteer survey, proof of age, and payment to registration
  • Prepare for season!
Now, lets review the programs, and see where you fit in.

Fall Core Soccer (U6-U14)

  • This program is for players that are under 14 but at least 5 by August 1st.
  • This is where most of our players are at. If you aren't sure, this is probably your program!
  • Children are split into teams and will have practices during the week and games on Saturdays.
  • There will be picture day, lots of banners, trophies, and lots of soccer! So much fun!
  • Fall Core Soccer is a developmental program, encouraging discovery, adventure, and inspiration within soccer.
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U5 Jamboree

  • This program is for players that are under 5 by August 1st.
  • U5 Jamboree is a very hands-on program, which means you the parent get to join in the fun!
  • Children will learn soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, and throwing in the ball, but in a low pressure setting.
  • Jamboree is all about fun and exposing the children to soccer, not grooming them for college.
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Fall Extra

  • This is a try-out based coach select program for players who want to play at a more competitive level.
  • Generally, each age group has just one team for the entire region.
  • Extra is only for U9 thru U16 players, and involves more expenses, more travel, more time, more commitment.
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Fall VIP

  • This program provides a quality soccer experience for children (and adults) whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams.
  • VIP players might be visually impaired, mobility impaired, autistic, down syndrome, mentally or emotially challenged, etc.
  • Even if you are not a VIP player, I personally encourage you to learn more, or even participate as a VIP buddy. It is truly a rewarding experience to share their joy.
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Fall Uppers

  • The Uppers is designed for U16 and U19 players, and is conducted with more flexibility.
  • There often is more informal play, possibly more games, less practices.
  • Just because you are growing up doesn't mean you have to stop playing games!
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