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Upcoming Referee Classes


 Course Calendar
 Five Easy Steps to Becoming a Referee
In order to referee a U-7 or U-8 game take either:
- the U-8 Official Course (4 hours), or
- the Basic Referee Course (8 hours), or
- both the AYSO Online Referee Training Course (4 hours) AND the Basic Referee Online Companion Course (4 hours)
In order to be a referee or assistant referee at a U9 or U10 game take either:
- the Basic Referee Course (8 hours), or
both the AYSO Online Referee Training Course (4 hours) AND the Basic Referee Online Companion Course (4 hours)

(class duration times are approximate)

All Referees
must be currently registered as a volunteer and must have taken Safe Haven training. You need to be at least 10 years old to take U-8 course.  You need to be at least 12 years to take either of the Basic courses.

Region 213 Course Calendar

We completed three Basic and one U-8 Official class this fall.  At the current time, we have no more classes scheduled. If you are still looking for training, then follow the directions in step #2 below to search for a class.  Follow the five easy steps to register, attend the class, and become a referee.

Training in Area Q Outside of Region 213

Area Q Referee Training

Possible Area Q Supercamp - August 16 & 17th

Training Outside of Area Q

(see our reimbursement policy if you take courses outside of Area Q)

Area L Referee Training

July 26-27, 2014  - Area 11L Referee Training Conference
Laguna Hills High School
25401 Paseo de Valencia, Laguna Hills CA
Area L asks that you do NOT register on eAYSO. Please click on the appropriate course to see that course's flyer. Then follow the registration instructions.

Saturday Regional Referee Course     Sunday Regional Referee Course
Intermediate Referee Course            Advanced Referee Course
National Referee Assessor Course

Other Areas


Five Easy Steps to Becoming a Referee In North Irvine, Region 213

1.  Register as a Volunteer
Go to and SIGN up to be a VOLUNTEER. Complete the form, sign, and print. Bring the form to the first class, along with ID (youth referees do not need ID).  (Note your eAYSO id#)
2.  Register for your Referee Class
Next, go to  and select “Look Up,” then “Course.” (If you are on the MyeAYSO home page, look for the "Enroll" choice on the lower right.)  You can narrow your search by including the city, region 213, or Area Q.  You may also search by the roster number if you know it, but if you cannot find the class using the roster number, then use broader criteria.  There is a chance that the roster number could have changed.  Once the class lists appear, select the course that you would like to register for. (Some Area Referee Camps ask that you register directly with the Area hosting the course. If this is the case, then follow that Area's registration instructions.)
3.  Take the Safe Haven Course
Then, go to  Login with your eAYSO id number, select "Courses" and then select "Safe Haven."  Complete the 70 minute Safe Haven training to ensure the safety of players.  Please complete the course prior to Referee Training if possible.
4.  Take the Basic Referee Online Training (if necessary)
If you are planning on attending one of the Basic Referee or U-8 Official Training courses listed above, you are now ready and may skip to step Five. IF you are attending the Basic Referee Online Companion Course then you must first take the Basic Referee Online Training.  Go to  Login with your eAYSO id number, select "Courses," and then select "Basic Referee Online Training."  Complete the course.  Take and pass the short quiz at the end of the training.  When you pass the quiz, please print the online certificate and BRING this certificate to the Basic Referee Online Companion Course.  You MAY NOT take the Basic Referee Online Companion Course without first completing the online Referee Training.

5.  Take Your Referee Class
Attend and complete the appropriate training course and test. Receive a uniform and equipment to get started as a certified referee! (If you attend a class outside of Region 213, you will probably not receive a uniform and/or referee gear.  You will need to contact to get your supplies and to get entered into our scheduling system.)

For any questions please email our Regional Referee Director of Instruction, Dorian Johnson, at