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Overtime Rules

Overtime Tie Breaker Rules

Match duration shall be standard AYSO length for all divisions.

A winner must be determined for all games for the Regular Season Playoff and division Championship matches. If, at the end of regulation time, both teams are tied (have scored the same number of goals or have not scored any goals), then overtime periods shall be played in accordance with the following rules.

The length of each overtime period shall be as follows:

o    For division U10 = 5 minutes,

o    For division U12 = 6 minutes, and

o    For division U14 = 7 minutes

The referee shall be the sole timekeeper and shall make all decisions on whether additional time is to be added to any overtime period.  The referee’s decision shall be final. If in the opinion of the referee, there is not enough time for overtime periods due to lighting or field availability, then the game will proceed directly to Kicks from the Penalty Mark.

Each overtime period shall be started with a kickoff as follows:

o    Prior to the start of the first overtime period, the Referee shall perform a coin toss in accordance with the Laws of the Game, Law 8. The team winning the coin toss will select which goal to attack and the other team wins the kickoff.

o    For the second overtime period, teams shall switch ends of the field, and the team who did not kick off the first overtime period shall kick off the second.

o    Between each overtime period, teams shall be allowed a maximum of 1 minute to perform substitutions.

Both Overtime periods will be played in their entirety – no “sudden victory.”

If the game is still tied after two (2) overtime periods, then the teams will go to Kicks from the Penalty Mark (KFTPM) in accordance with the Laws of the Game as modified: All players of the team are available to participate in the KFTPM (substitutes not playing in the game at the end of the second overtime are eligible to participate in the KFTPM).

Substitution rules require all players participate in the Overtime unless they have been sent off the field (receive a “red card”) by the referee during the match.  In the second Overtime, the team must first field all eligible players who have not participated in the first Overtime, before any players from the first overtime can be play.

Any Caution or Send-off a player receives in the game or overtime period applies throughout the match. For example, if a player received a Caution in the game and then another Caution during any overtime period, then this player is sent off for receiving a second Caution and cannot return to the game (including all overtime periods and the KFTPM).  Any players sent off the field of play during the game or any overtime period shall not be allowed to participate in any part of the remainder of the match (including overtime periods or KFTPM) and his/her team will play short for the remainder of the game and all overtime periods.

U9 and U10 players can be cautioned and/or sent-off during a match if the misconduct warrants this action. However, Referees are reminded U9 & U10 players are not shown the cards.

All players who start an overtime period receive credit for having played that overtime period, regardless of whether they finish the period.  In cases when a player is injured during an overtime period, the following substitution rules shall apply:

o    If the player is substituted, he/she shall receive credit for the overtime period played and may not return to the field of play for the remainder of the overtime period.

o    If the player is not substituted [the team plays short], the player may return to the field of play during the same overtime period after receiving the referee’s permission to do so.