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Heading Infraction

The A.Y.S.O. Youth heading restrictions:

- In rec U-12 and younger games and in Extra U-11 and younger games, the deliberate heading of the ball by a player will result in an Indirect Free Kick (IFK) for the opposing team. In the U-8 and U-7 divisions, which do not have IFKs, a Direct Free Kick will be awarded.

- For the heading of a ball in these younger games to be an Indirect Free Kick. it must be the deliberate heading of the ball.  This is the same standard we use to determine if a handling of the ball offense has taken place.

- The placement of the ball for the resulting Indirect Free Kick will be according to the Laws of the Game. In U7 or U8 games, the resulting DFK will be taken from the spot of the occurrence, unless the infraction was committed by a defender in his own Goal/Penalty Area, in which case the kick will come out to the Goal/Penalty Area line parallel to the Goal Line.