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Annual Referee Renewals

There are a few things that every referee needs to do every year.  Please check this list and make sure you are ready for the new season:

  1. REQUIRED: Re-apply and register as a volunteer. <details> If this is not done you may NOT referee. This must be done each and every year.
  2. Required if applies: If you took Safe Haven course before 2013, then please take the updated online Safe Haven course.
  3. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Come to our Returning Referee Night to get any updates on the new season.  Our Fall 2016 date is Friday, September 9th at the Northwood Community Park Center.  We will begin at 6 pm.
  4. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Make sure that you are subscribed to our referee email list.
  5. RECOMMENDED:  Although at this time the online Concussion Training is optional for referees, it is a good idea to take that online training.
  6. Download the latest Laws of the Game and take some time to refresh your memory of the LOTG for the upcoming season.

Note: If have taken and passed a referee class in the past (e.g., Basic, Intermediate), you do not need to retake that course.