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The MatchTrak system is different than SchedulesEtc.  Here are some quick and dirty notes:

  • The log in link is at the bottom of the left hand column <Click here for a screen shot>
  • Your log in is: <your first name> <space> <last name>
  • You use the default password the first time on the system.  It would be wise to change it using the link on the upper right of the first (main) screen, although based on the screen warning, it might be best to change it at the end of your first visit.
  • Probably the easiest way to look for R213 home games is to use the Quick Search under "Region 213 Available Games" in the left hand column.  Selecting by date is probably the most useful search field. <Click here for a screen shot>
  • After you receive your search results, click on the "Reserve" icon on the left side of the row of the game you wish to work.
  • On the next screen you may choose which position you wish to fill. If you are working the game for a team's credit then select that team in the drop down.  At this point this choice will end up meaning anything, but we may use this feature in the future.
  • Click "Save & Close" and you should be done.
  • Remember to follow the Area Q guidelines and sign up for regional games only until Thursday at 5 pm.  After that you may sign up for Area Q games that are available.
Youtube Matchtrak video training video:

Schedule Review and Removal
There is a section in the upper left under My Data where you can look at your past, future, or entire schedule.  Click on the "Pending Games" option to look at your future games. Click the edit icon of the game you wish to cancel.  This can only be done until 11:59 pm on the Wednesday before a game.  Near the bottom of the screen should be a button labelled "Cancel Reservation". Click on the button and click the "Cancel Reservation" icon and you should be removed from that game.

If you need to cancel after 11:59 pm on Wednesday, then you will need to contact the Region 213 RRA or ARRA.

If you have any comments or questions about MatchTrak, then please let me know, and I will attempt to get you an answer.

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