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Self Assignment Guidelines

On U-7 and U-8 games, you may sign up for games as far in advance as you would like.  While we would love to have neutral referees, so that parents may watch their child's game, there is no restriction on who signs up for U-7 and U-8 games.  It makes no difference whether a referee is associated with the "Home" or "Away" team.  The goal is to get the game covered.

On all other games (U-9 - U-14), please do not sign up more than thirteen days in advance.  If you do, you are subject to being removed from those future games.  For example: you may not sign up for games on Saturday, September 26, 2015 until Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 8 pm (Pacific Time).

In U-9 and above, please do not sign up to be the referee for your own child's game.  Feel free to sign up to A/R that game.  If a neutral referee does not sign up or show up, then an A/R that is affiliated with a team may referee that game after informing both coaches.  If there are two affiliated A/R's then click here for the steps to resolve who should referee the game.

Please be considerate of your fellow referees.  Signing up for a referee slot and then an A/R slot, gives opportunities to other officials, as opposed to taking two referee slots in a row.  This is especially true if you are signing up early.  If it is late in the week (or the night before), then this is guideline is relaxed.

On games that are being played on fields in other regions in Area Q, please respect that region's right to have their own officials sign up for those games.  Slots that are not covered by 5:00 pm on the Thursday before a Saturday game are open for any region's referees. 

Be forewarned that some Areas outside of Area Q do not use Matchtrak for referee assignments. (Area K may be one of those Areas.)


There may be an exception to these guidelines when signing up for U-16 and U-19 games.  More information should be forthcoming.

If you have any question about these guidelines, please send them to

Thank you for giving your time to the players of Region 213.