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Referee Points System

In summary, points may be earned on matches which are Region 213 home games that are U9 matches and older.  U7 and U8 matches do not count toward the Referee Point System.  For all of the details, please read the Referee Points System document.

Reporting Referee Points

The following are the current reporting guidelines for the RPS as of 8/26/2014.  Since the Fall 2014 season will be scheduled using a new system, Matchtrak, these guidelines may be adjusted if it is deemed necessary.

To report Referee Points send the following information to :

1. Position: Referee or AR
2. Date game was played
3. Website where game is scheduled: R213 or Area
   (R213: primary/rec U9-U14, Area Q: U16, U19, Extra)
4. Game Number
5. Your name
6. Team to receive points - by number (source to be determined)

Send the report to by 5 pm Sunday, for Saturday games.  Please submit reports for any other games within 48 hours.  Do not send Referee Points reports to the RRA!

For example:
R213  Game#555  B-12 9/10/2011  Harvard B  9:00 AM
R. Smith
123 - F Jones G-12

Q  Game#987  G-19 9/10/2011  Harvard C  9:00 AM
R. Smith
75 - T Green B-10

If you have any questions about the Referee Points System , then email the Regional Referee Administrator at