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Misconduct & Injury Reporting

Misconduct & Injury Reporting

Cautions (Yellow Cards), Send Offs (Red Cards),  Expulsions, Injuries & Other Reportable Issues

Misconducts, injuries & other incidents are filed on the same Misconduct & Match Report form.

For All games
If there is a need to submit a match report for any match that was scheduled through the MatchTrak system, then that report will be submitted through the MatchTrak system.  Log into the system and pull up your match schedule by clicking on "All by Date" and finding the correct game. There should be an "edit" icon on the right side of the game listing under the heading Match Report.  (If the game has not occurred yet there will be a red circle with a slash through it and this icon will not be active.) Clicking on this "edit" icon will start the match report. On the next screen you will be asked to check which type of match report you would like to submit: injury, caution, send off, field safety, or match termination. Choose the category for your match report and complete the report and submit it. If you have reports for more than one category (e.g. caution and injury) then fill out all the types necessary for your match.

If the game was not scheduled through MatchTrak, then download the misconduct form at the bottom of this page and email the report to the RRA at

 Procedure for Issuing and Reporting of Misconduct  and  Ejections 

Yellow and Red cards and ejections should be rare occurrences, but they are unfortunately necessary at times in order to enforce Law 12 and to control the game.

It is important for referees to know the correct procedure for a send-off, and what to do after a send-off has occurred.

First, a referee should never show a card (red or yellow) to a player in U10 and below. If a caution or a send off is warranted, then you need to talk privately with the player.  As soon as possible, you should also communicate with the coach as well.

Second, a referee should never show a card (red or yellow) to a coach or spectator. The proper procedure is to verbally tell the offending coach or spectator that he/she is being "cautioned" (be sure to use this word) or that he/she is "expelled" from the game. After a coach or spectator is expelled, he/she must leave the field area and go to a place where he/she is out of sight and sound from the field. The referee should not re-start the game until the expelled coach or spectator has left the field area. A player who has been sent off, however, may stay on the sidelines, so long as he/she does not cause disruption to the game.

Whenever a yellow or red card is issued by a referee, or a referee expels a coach or a spectator, the referee is required to make a written report to the Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) within twenty-four (24) hours after the incident. This report should really be sent in the same day.  This allows the referee to write the report when the facts are still fresh in his or her mind.  It also allows time for the Disciplinary Committee to investigate the incident and for the Regional Commissioner to render a decision prior to the next game for that team.

The referee should also use the same form to report other events.  These would include serious injuries, suspension of a match, abandonment of a match, or field issues.

The report should contain the following information:
  • The name of the referee and all assistant referees (names of club linesmen are not required);
  • The date, time, field, and division (gender/age -- like "B-12") of the game;
  • The coaches' names;
  • All relevant FACTS leading up to the incident;
  • The precise offense which resulted in the send off (see Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct: Send-Off Offenses);
  • All relevant facts following the incident, including the conduct of the offending party, coaches, spectators, players, etc. following the send off or expulsion; and
  • The names, phone or e-mail numbers (if known) of any potential witnesses (if any).
Once this information is timely reported, the RRA has a duty to investigate the incident under the Standard Regional Guidelines. The referee should assume that his/her report is going to be shared with the Disciplinary Committee (consisting of the Assistant Regional Commissioner, the Regional Coach Administrator, and the RRA), the coaches involved, the Division Commissioner, the Regional Commissioner, and others. If the game is an Area or Section game, then the referee should assume that the report will be shared with the appropriate officials at the Area and/or Section level. This investigation may result in additional disciplinary sanctions being imposed, including suspension for one or more games. This is not the referee's decision, it is up to the appropriate Regional, Area, and/or Section officials.

Thank you for following these procedures, and for keeping the game Safe, Fair and Fun.

Be advised that most match reports should be done on the Matchtrak system.
The file below is an older version in Word format.

For non-Matchtrak games Click on the "Download Arrow" below to download the Match Report
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