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Lower Peters Canyon is CLOSED (4/26/2014)

The lists below are similar to those emailed to the
referee email list.

Area Q Spring Select (U10 - U14) and Rec (U-8,U-10, U-12 & U-14):
B-8   R213-WOODBURY ELEM. A  10:30:00 AM   Need Full Crew
G-10   R213-VALENCIA  12:45:00 PM   Need Full Crew
G-10   R213-VALENCIA  2:00:00 PM   Need Full Crew

B-8   R213-WOODBURY ELEM. A  2:00:00 PM   Need A/R
G-8   R213-WOODBURY ELEM. A  12:15:00 PM   Need A/R
G-8   R213-STONEGATE ELEM.  9:00:00 AM   Need 2 A/Rs
B-8   R213-WOODBURY ELEM. A  9:00:00 AM   Need 2 A/Rs
B-10   R213-COLLEGE PARK ELEM.  10:30:00 AM   Need 2 A/Rs
B-10   R213-VALENCIA  11:15:00 AM   Need Ref
G-10   R213-COLLEGE PARK ELEM.  11:45:00 AM   Need A/R
B-10   R213-COLLEGE PARK ELEM.  2:15:00 PM   Need 2 A/Rs

The following are MatchTrak pages. The referee log in button is on the bottom left: The Extra page has the rules for the Spring Extra season. Its possible that you will see both schedules after you log in.

Spring Section Extra (U9 - U16) schedules:
BU12   Q213-Woodbury A  1:00:00 PM   Need Full Crew
BU09   Q213-Valencia  9:30:00 AM   Need A/R

Spring U16 & U19 schedules: