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Coverage Update

RRA Feed

The lists below are similar to those emailed to the referee email list.

Games with NO coverage:
11/5/2015 06:54:52

BU14   Q213-Settlers Park 1  9:00:00 AM   Need Full Crew
GU11   Q213-Harvard D  10:00:00 AM   Need Full Crew
GU12   Q213-Harvard C  10:30:00 AM   Need Full Crew
GU08   Q213-Valencia Park  11:00:00 AM   Need Ref
GU08   Q213-Stonegate Park  11:00:00 AM   Need Ref

Other Needs:
BU16   Q213-Harvard C  8:30:00 AM   Need Ref & A/R
GU10   Q213-Harvard A  9:15:00 AM   Need A/R
GU12   Q213-Northwood Park B  9:30:00 AM   Need A/R
GU10   Q213-Harvard A  10:30:00 AM   Need Ref
BU10   Q213-Northwood Park A  10:30:00 AM   Need A/R
BU12   Q213-Northwood Park B  11:00:00 AM   Need A/R
GU12   Q213-Harvard B  11:30:00 AM   Need Ref & A/R
BU14   Q213-Harvard D  12:00:00 PM   Need 2 A/Rs
BU12   Q213-Northwood Park B  12:30:00 PM   Need Ref & A/R
BU09   Q213-Harvard A  12:45:00 PM   Need A/R
BU12   Q213-Harvard C  1:30:00 PM   Need A/R
BU13   Q213-Harvard D  2:00:00 PM   Need A/R