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2013 Referee Points System

(from the Region 213 Regional Guidelines)

a) The Region has implemented a Referee Points System (RPS). 

b) The Regional Commissioner can and may designate authority to make decisions specific to 
the administration of the Referee Points System to the Referee Points System Administra
tor and/or the Regional Referee Administrator as needed.

c) Referee Points are part of the Total Points (which are used to determine a team's standings 
in Competitive Divisions as defined below). 

d) Referee Points are not earned or needed for the U-7 and U-8 divisions.

e) Teams participating in the AYSO Section 11 Extra Program shall earn Referee Points in the 
same way Referee Points are earned and tracked for the Core Program.

f) Referee Points are earned by volunteering to be the referee or assistant referee for U-9 and 
older games scheduled and played in the Region. The referee earns one (1) Referee Point.
Each assistant referee earns one-half (1/2) Referee Point for the team they designate.

g) Teams can earn a maximum of one (1) Referee Point (RP) per week from doing games as 
referee or assistant referee. The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

h) Referees and Assistant Referees must be in uniform and signed up in the scheduling system 
to earn Referee Points.

i) No team can earn Referee Points if the match was canceled because no certified referee 
registered to conduct the match (and neither team can "make up" the lost Referee Points by 
doing additional games in a subsequent weekend).

j) Additional Referee Points can be earned through referee certifications in the current season:

i. A volunteer who becomes a certified Basic Referee by taking a class between August 1 
and the before the last game of the current season earns one (1) Referee Point for the 
team they designate. A new Basic Referee or U-8 Official who upgrades their certification 
to Basic Referee  must complete one game as Referee (not as Assistant Referee) to 
claim this additional Referee Point.

ii. A volunteer who upgrades the Referee certification (from Basic Referee to Intermediate
Referee, Intermediate Referee to Advanced Referee or Advanced Referee to National 
Referee) between August 1 and before the last game of the current season earns three 
(3) Referee Points for the team they designate.