AYSO R213 - UK Partner
Our region partners with UK International for a variety of opportunities. UKI have professional coaches that come to Irvine each season, not only as a way to help our players, but also to guide our coaches. In addition, it provides a great cultural exchange experience.
Host a Coach
If you have the opportunity, the coaches that come from UKI need a place to stay. You can host for as little as a week or as much as an entire season.

Benefits to the coach: The coaches get to experience and appreciate the ways of life in various American homes.
Benefits to the hosting family: Plenty of soccer talk. Good stories about life in the UK and Europe. And great new friendships that last long after the coach is gone.
Summer Camps
We have summer camp sessions available on two different weeks.
July 24th to 29th.
August 15th to 19th.

Player and Coach training
During our normal season, the UK coaches are spending one or two practice sessions per team. This helps not only the players with a new perspective and some great ideas and skills, but is also an excellent opportunity for our volunteer coaches to pick up some tips from the professional coach, not only with regards to skills development, but also just how to manage a group of kids and keep them all involved and engaged.
We strongly recommend our coaches to take advantage of these opportunities.

For more information on these programs, you can visit the UK Soccer page at www.uksoccer.org or email info@aysosoccer.org.