AYSO R213 - Sportsmanship Program

AYSO Region 213
Good Sportsmanship Program

AYSO considers Good Sportsmanship a cornerstone of the program. As such AYSO Region 213 has devised this Good Sportsmanship program for reporting instances of sportsmanship observed by coaches or referees.

Spectators and others are free to use the form to report additional Good Sportsmanship events. However, they will not be considered for the Good Sportsmanship point(s) given to teams.

Goal Keeper Guidelines for U10 and U12

The Regional Guidelines are based on the AYSO Standard Regional Guidelines. The Regional Guidelines includes the following recommendation related to U10 and U12 goalkeepers. 

Every player shall be entitled to play at least half of every game. Moreover, it is the policy of the Region to encourage each coach to (i) play each player at least threequarters of every game, whenever possible, (ii) allow different players to start the first quarter of each game, (iii) have the goal keeper play at least one quarter on the field (for Core U10 and U12 divisions). No player shall play the entire game until all other available players have been given a chance to play at least threequarters of the game.

One-Sided Games

All coaches and officials should make every effort to make the games safe, fair, and fun for all players and spectators. In particular, in those rare cases where one team is substantially dominating the game, coaches should do all they can to minimize the chances of lopsided scores by adjusting the lineup accordingly and deploying other tactics to limit how many times players move to goal. This also will minimize escalated emotions during these matches. Few teams really like to win 10-0 and none like to lose 0-10.