Division Commissioner

Time:   At the beginning of the season approximately 20 hours total. Near the end of the season an additional 2 to 10 hours depending on the division for end of year efforts. During the season communicate with coaches via email concerning regional topics or messages intended for their division.
Scope: Mostly from home via email.
Task: Working with the region to recruit volunteers identified for the particular division - including Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Referees. Determin the number of teams necessary to be able to offer all registered players a chance to play. Organize players into teams by working with the registrar and volunteer coordinator and the division coordinator to receive ratings or other elements required to create balanced teams as necessary. Communicate practice assignments and team assignemnts to coaches. Assist with Coach Meeting in distributing uniforms and meeting coaches. Forward information from the Region as instructed to ensure all coaches are instructed in regional activities. At end of the season collect ratings or other end of year information as required. Deliver any end of year awards as necessary. Assist the division coordinator in soliciting All Star and Area playoff interest and required information.
Contact: Regional Coach Administrator