Spring: Area Select & Section Extra

What is Area Q Spring Select?

Area Q offers a Spring Season for Fall Extra and Winter All-star teams called "Spring Select." The Spring Select season is exclusive to Area Q teams.

What makes Spring Select fun and unique is how teams are placed into pools. Pools are formed by combining teams into logical age divisions and/or skill and ability levels. Using the U11 and U12 teams as an example, pools might be formed by combining:

  • The U11 and U12 Extra teams which finished in the top of the Fall Season.
  • Mid-level U11 and/or U12 Extra teams with Gold All-star teams. And,
  • Silver All-star teams with mid-to-low level Gold All-star teams.
As a result, teams experience some unique opportunities to play teams they might not otherwise see. Area Q Spring Select is a lot of fun for the Extra and All-star teams.

What is new for the 2013 Spring Season?

For the first time, Section 11 has decided to offer a Spring season exclusively for the Extra teams. We do not know the exact format yet.

What we do know is:

  • The Section program is exclusive to Extra teams - All-star teams will not be allowed to participate (although all-star players can play on Extra teams).
  • Extra teams cannot participate simultaneously in the Section Extra program and the Area Spring Select programs.
The existence of the Section Spring Extra program will put the Area Spring Select program at risk. If the majority of the Extra teams decide to play in the Section Spring Extra program, then there might not be enough teams left to make the Area Spring Select program viable.

As of December 10, Region 213 is asking the Extra teams to begin evaluating the options and to provide a preliminary answer on which program they want to participate in prior to December 22.

If you have any questions or comments, then please direct them to management@aysosoccer.org.