AYSO Region 213 - North Irvine

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Friendly Reminder 
 No Dogs On Our Soccer Fields!!!

Game Schedules

U16, U19: http://s11l-17-spring.matchtrak.com

U8-U10 Inter-Region:

U4, U5, U6, U8 R213:
Being uploaded...


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What's happening in Region 213?

Fall Registration is happening!  

Early Bird Discount through May 21st.

Sign up and get info at our new website, www.ayso213.org.

New Website

We are moving slowly over to our new website, at www.ayso213.org. We look forward to having you visit the new site as we continue to copy our info and build new info there.  Thank you.

Board Openings

While we have a well-established board of directors, we continue to look for parents to help grow our programs in North Irvine. 

  • We are currently looking for an Facility Coordinator. You would have an easy job of reserving the community center for various events, such as trainings or board meetings. It is only an hour or two a month of your time, and simply involves filling in a single-sheet form and letting us know the results.

  • We are currently looking for a Photographer. If you like to take pictures and can get to various events, drop us a line! We would like someone who can help document some of our events by way of photography.

  • We need a handful of people to be Support Staff. This is quite an easy position. Spend a few hours helping out at an info booth, or working a carnival booth, or being a field marshal for a tournament.

If you have interest, or know someone that might be, please contact the Regional Commissioner. If you're not ready to take on a board position, we have many other volunteer roles, some of which are described at this link.

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