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Friendly Reminder 

No Dogs On Our Soccer Fields!!!

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Heat This Weekend
Coaches, Referees, and Parents: temperatures will be in the 90's this weekend (9/13). Some helpful strategies to consider
1.  Good hydration starts the day before a game.
2.  Water and sports drinks are both acceptable.  Although water is the best, research shows the children are more likely to drink larger quantities of sports drinks and this is most important in preventing and treating dehydration.
3.  Juice and soda are mostly sugar and water  (with insufficient salt) and do little to help dehydration.
4.  Ask your team families to bring portable shade / umbrellas / pop-ups.
5.  Have your players keep their water bottles at the sidelines and allow them to drink during game play if necessary.
6.  The referees may institute special considerations to help prevent heat related illness including extra breaks, shorter game times, etc.  Please be understanding and support the referees judgment.
7. Don't forget that coaches, assistants, and referees are also susceptible to the heat.  Bring your own water.

Fall Season Registration
Fall registration is now closed but we will continue to accept applications for our wait list. Apply here. Payment will have to be by check and we will hold it pending confirmation of a place. 

Youth and Goalkeeper Academies
After last years' successful pilot, we will be running Youth and Goalkeeper academies again this fall. Run by professional coaches, the Youth Academy develops Core Program players that want to compete at a higher level. Many go on to qualify for the All Star and Extra programs. The Goalkeeper Academy develops the technical aspects of the position and is ideal for any player with a passion for being a stopper. For more information and registration, go to this link.  

Referee Training
U8/Basic Referee Training: If you can spare one or two hours on a Saturday, why not become a referee? It's a great experience as you get to observe the game with a different perspective. No experience necessary - we will train you! Find out more information at this link

Spring Clean - Uniform Donations

In June, the board performed a massive cleanup in our storage locker. While we scrapped a lot of old and unusable equipment, we had several boxes old uniform sets dating back to 2010! By chance, a lady overheard us discussing our dilemma during one of the Registration Events and explained that her church was sending a group to Swaziland in Africa in four days time and how they were looking for soccer uniforms to take with them. It was meant to happen! One of the church leads told us, "It is a humbling experience to be a part of this work, in a place where thy can only dream of wearing a “real" soccer uniform, to play the game that they love most."

Tournament Play - Labor Day Weekend

McMillan - Costa Mesa
Congratulations to our B10 Extra team (and coaches Taylor and Samford) who won their division at the McMillan AYSO Tournament in Costa Mesa. We had several other teams participate, including two B9 teams (Kikuta and B.Boothroyd), one G9 team (Kikuta), and one G12 team (S.Boothroyd). Thanks to the coaches for giving up their Labor day weekend to participate in this endeavor!

Irvine World Cup - Irvine
Our G16 Extra team competed in the Irvine World Cup over the Labor Day holiday weekend. They won the group stage but lost in the final on PKs. Congratulations to the team and Coach Sun!

Volunteers Needed!
Region 213 is actively recruiting for a Director of Volunteers. We need an Energetic person to help recruit and maintain our volunteer base. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact the Regional Commissioner


Fall Game Schedules

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Coming Events 2014

Sat 27        Picture Day


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