Frequently Asked Questions


What is the AYSO year? What is MY2014?

AYSO's year begins August 1st, and ends July 31st.  This is called the Membership Year, or MY.  MY2014 begins 8/1/2014.

The age division your child plays in is based on their age at the beginning of the Membership Year.  For example, if they were 7 on August 1st, they will be in the U8 (Under 8) age group.    

How do I know if my child is registered?

In our region, currently all players get put into Primary program, and then copied to a specific program.  The most common program is 1p Fall Core.  Even if your child has not been put onto a team, you can see if they are registered in the program. 

  • From eAYSO home screen, click on [Team / Coach information].
  • Look for your player's name, and the program.
  • If you see 1p Fall Core, then you are registered for Fall!

What is a returning player?

A returning player is a player that already has an eAYSO record from previous years, and is returning again for this Membership Year.  If you are signing up for a player that played last year, or 3 years ago, they are a returning player.  This is not the same as a player that played in Fall and is coming back to play again in Spring.  

Why can't I click on [Apply for a returning player]?

A returning player is a player that There are two common reasons for this.  A player that played in the current Membership Year is already registered, there is no need to Apply for them again.  You might, however, need to sign them up for the appropriate program.

It is also possible the child played in previous years, and not yet this year.  If you don't see them listed as a returning player, it is possible you are using the wrong eAYSO login.  Many families end up making different eAYSO accounts, but a player's record can only be tied to one account.

Why can't I click [Signup for other program] from the home page?

The child must already be a Registered Player in Region 213.  This resets each Fall.  If you think your child was already registered, the most common reason you would not be able to click [Signup for other program] is because you are using a different eAYSO account.  Each AYSO ID is tied to one eAYSO account. Try a different email when you log in to website.