AYSO R213 - Coaching Basics

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There is far too much to include everything in a single web page.

This is a sport and in any sport, winning is an objective. But not everyone is able to win.

In AYSO, we are coaching players to be better players and better teammates. If we focus on that, we can ALL be successful.

Rules of soccer:

When your team has possession of the ball:
  • keep possession of ball
  • Move ball down the field to the opponent's goal
  • Kick ball into opponent's goal
When other team has possession of the ball:
  • Try to prevent other team from kicking ball into your goal
  • Slow down or delay the other team
  • Get possession of the ball

At younger ages, we focus more on very basic concepts. How to control the ball, and where to be.
As players are older, we expand concepts, such as supporting teammmates and quicker pace of play