AYSO Region 213 - Game Schedule Change Procedures

The following instructions are primarily for division commissioners.

  1. Coaches notify the division commissioner with their request for a schedule change.
  2. The division commissioner works with all coaches impacted by the schedule change. ALL OF THE COACHES MUST APPROVE THE CHANGE - No Exceptions.
  3. Once the division commissioner has approvals from all of the impacted coaches, they (and only the division commissioner) sends an email to scheduler@aysosoccer.org in the following (sample) format:

    Division: G-6
    Old Game: 3/23/13 11:30 AM Settlers A1 Home:Grace Lee Away:Don Ledgard
    New Game: 3/23/13 2:30pm AM Settlers A1 Home:Grace Lee Away:Don Ledgard

  4. Note: All game requests must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the scheduled game date.