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Injury Reporting

Coaches - you are the point of contact with players and parents when it comes to working with AYSO and Region 213. One of those important ways is when one of your players is injured in a game or practice.
When a player of yours is injured to the point where they can not continue to participate and the injury is deemed severe enough to see a doctor then you need to notify our Safety Director, Ameer Mody, about the injury and provide some information.  The information and process is listed below. Also - if your player misses practices and/or games due to injury they will need a doctor's release form submitted (scan and email) back the safety director before they can participate again.  This is for the player's overall safety as well as to protect your and AYSO's liability.
Additionally - AYSO National offers Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) that can be used in addition to a player's existing insurance coverage. More information on this program can be obtained at the website - AYSO Insurance Information
Here is the information for a Coach's report. Please send the information responses in an email to Ameer Mody (copy the lines below and paste into an email. add the information requested).
Coach name
Date of match
Time of match
When during match did injury happen
What was the injury/situation
Brief description of events (facts mostly)
Did player not return?
Did player go to hospital?
Were parents present?