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Flex Extra


The AYSO Section 11 Flex EXTRA program is for Under-9 (U9) through Under-16 (U16) players (Boys & Girls). The EXTRA program is designed to give AYSO players an opportunity to experience a more competitive level of soccer play without incurring the cost, time commitment, and travel required of club soccer, and while still maintaining the AYSO philosophies. Also, in contrast with club soccer, all players are guaranteed at least half a game of playing time.  Players on an AYSO EXTRA team will play their primary season in the Fall, but individual teams will often play in other AYSO and club tournaments throughout the year, as well a spring league. The level of play for an EXTRA team is at about the Bronze (or Flight 3) level of club soccer, and some AYSO EXTRA teams actually play at a higher level. 

Try-outs February 2014 (Updated 3/9/2014, 8:30am)

To be selected for this program, interested players MUST participate in the EXTRA tryouts. There are two sessions per age group, and a player MUST attend at least one session, but is strongly encouraged to attend both.  

At the tryouts each player will be evaluated by the selection committee on their ball handling skills, offensive and defensive ability, game sense, speed and attitude. The selection committee consists of a group of independent evaluators and Region 213's EXTRA coaches from the various age groups.

What to bring:
- A Pen! Parents need to complete a Flex Extra Tryout Player Registration form
- Soccer cleats, shin guards, ball, and a drink. Players cannot tryout without shin guards

New Schedule for B13: Wednesday 3/12 at 5:30pm on Hicks Canyon. Please arrive by 5:15pm to register. 

To confirm which tryout your child should go to, check the table below. Note this is based on his/her birthday next August 1, 2014.

 Division   Players Age on 8/1/2014
 U9 8 (born 8/1/05 to 7/31/06)
 U10 9 (born 8/1/04 to 7/31/05)
 U11 10 (born 8/1/03 to 7/31/04)
 U12 11 (born 8/1/02 to 7/31/03)
 U13 12 (born 8/1/01 to 7/31/02)
 U14 13 (born 8/1/00 to 7/31/01)
 U15/U16 14 or 15 (8/1/98 to 7/31/00)


Coaches are selected by a Region executive committee based on experience, background, and their standing as qualified representatives of Region 213. They are required to have advanced coaching levels for the division they are coaching. For example, U9 and U10 coaches are required to have U12 coach certification and be certified as a regional referee. USSF D and E licenses are considered equivalent to AYSO Advanced and Intermediate coach certificates, respectively. Check with the Regional Coach Administrator for more information. Or contact the Flex EXTRA commissioner - located in the Regional Directory.

Here is a list of Flex Extra coaches for the Membership Year 2014 Season

 Division Fall 2014  Coach / Assistant Coach
 Brian Boothroyd
 B10 Todd Taylor / Greg Sasaki
 B11 Janis Cilderman / Dennis Fang
 B12 Tom Radmilovich / Dennis Hass 
 B13 Bud O'Neil / Matt Dru
 B14 Polly Villareal
 B15/16 Troy Iversen
 Mark Thies / Tom Radmilovich
 Darin Kikuta / Polly Villareal
 Bernie Sabad / Raymond Sun
 Todd Schaus / Arno Poissonier
 G11 Kevin Moniz / Mark Peabody
 G12 Shannon Boothroyd / Dan Hebert 
 G13 Open - contact the Flex Coordinator
 G14 Bill Rex 
 G15/16 Nikolay Todorov 
 G16  Raymond Sun / Mike Cribbin

If you would like to contact any of the coaches, then please email the Flex Coordinator and we will put you in touch with them.