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Welcome to our Lost and Found page! If you have an item (maybe equipment or clothing) that you have lost, then check the found items below to see if someone has found it. If it's not there, email us and we'll list it under lost items. We will also provide pictures and descriptions of items found.
Frequently Lost and Found: Soccer Balls, Hats, Jackets, Jewelry, Shin-guards, Water Bottles 
If you found something that has been lost and want to get it returned, send us an email with description, location, date, and picture (if possible) to helper@aysosoccer.org or info@aysosoccer.org. Thanks for your cooperation! 

If you want to claim something email us at the email addresses above.


Green and black Nike ball (found at Northwood park) - no name

Soccer bag - Lost September 26 around 11 a.m.at Stonegate

Size 4 ball on Hicks A at 7:30 February 8

Multicolored ball with indistinct name - "M??ley"
Neon orange and black ball with name - "Vaskovich"
White and silver ball with writing - "NTT"
Silver rock/gem necklace
White and blue ball; says "British Soccer" with pink drawing/handwriting