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Age groups are currently based on the age of the player before August 1st, at the beginning of the season. That means you can ask yourself, "What is the player's age on August 1st, 2016?"

The age groups are based on being UNDER that age. So, U6 means 5 years old (Under 6) on August 1st. B6 or G06 are the same, but for Boys, or Girls.

The Division Coordinator is a key role to helping our region run smoothly. They are the representative for the families, able to work more closely with each age group on what is needed, what is important, and what is specific to that group of players.

Contact them first for division-specific questions or issues. If there is a division that is open (no commissioner) and you have any interest or are willing to help out, contact our Regional Commissioner.

Division Coordinators for Fall MY2016

Division Age on 8/1/16 Birthdate Boys DC, Email Girls DC, Email
U04 3 From 8/1/12 to 7/31/13 Jillian M Jillian M
U05 4 From 8/1/11 to 7/31/12 Gunj V [Open]
U06 5 From 8/1/10 to 7/31/11 [Open] [Open]
U07 6 From 8/1/09 to 7/31/10 [Open] [Open]
U08 7 From 8/1/08 to 7/31/09 [Open] Bernie Sabad
U10 8, 9 From 8/1/06 to 7/31/08 Loren L Geoff H
U12 10,11 From 8/1/04 to 7/31/06 Jason P Monz N
U14 12,13 From 8/1/02 to 7/31/04 Bill M [Open]
U16 14,15 From 8/1/00 to 7/31/02 Bill R Bill R
U19 16,17,18 From 8/1/97 to 7/31/00 Bill R Bill R