AYSO R213 - Regional Board


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Mailing address

AYSO Region 213
14252 Culver Dr
Ste. A-206
Irvine, CA 92604

Regional Board of Directors

Everyone on the board is a volunteer. We do not have an office. Our mailing address is listed to the left.
If you don't find the right person from the list below, feel free to email our general mailbox at info@aysosoccer.org.

Regional Commissioner Doug B. rc@aysosoccer.org
Administrator, Coaches Glenn S. rca@aysosoccer.org
Administrator, Referees Richard S. rra@aysosoccer.org
Program Manager, Recreational Jason P. rec@aysosoccer.org
Program Manager, Advanced Todd T. ap@aysosoccer.org
CVPA Summer M. cvpa@aysosoccer.org
Fields and Facilities Open management@aysosoccer.org
Registrar Abhijeet D. registrar@aysosoccer.org
Safety Director Ameer M. safety@aysosoccer.org
Secretary Pam M. sec@aysosoccer.org
Treasurer Bill R. treasurer@aysosoccer.org
Member At-Large Aaron B. webabc@aysosoccer.org
Member At-Large Channa S. marketing@aysosoccer.org
Member At-Large Don B. vip@aysosoccer.org
Member At-Large Paul S. arra@aysosoccer.org

Board Meetings
Board meetings are typically held on the second Monday of the month. Volunteers and parents are allowed to attend. If you would like to attend, please email the Regional Commissioner in advance to confirm the meeting date and location, and to ensure suitable accommodations are made for all attendees. 

Regions Finances
The regions operating budget is available for registered members to review. Please contact the Regional Commissioner.