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Brief Description of Programs, link to Programs page.
Fall (1p)
. Fees (U5, U6-U14, U16-U19)
. Apply in eAYSO
. Payment
. Consider Volunteering (fill out the form here.)
. Bring in PRF, Payment, proof of age, VIF
Fall Extra (1e)
. Fees (to region)
. Apply in eAYSO
. Consider Volunteering (Extra parents also need to volunteer)
. Get PRF, payment, proof of age to coach.  Make sure payment has player's name on it.
Fall Extra Coaches:
. Collect Fees (to region) and Player PRFs.
. Collect Pictures (1.25" x 1.25") for ID cards.
. Submit Fees/PRFs per player and a list of players w/ jersey numbers.
. Optionally identify assistant coach, team parent.
. ID Cards and roster will be needed.  ID cards are created by Registrar, then signed by Regional Commissioner, then given to you.  You must supply photo and get laminated.  You can schedule 10 minutes with the Registrar, as long as you have your photos already cut out to 1.25" x 1.25", and attached lightly to the ID card (a dab of glue or small piece of tape) the Registrar will laminate for you.