Registration - AYSO Region 213



    Region 213 Registration Guide

There are 3 things that usually confuse people when registering. Please take the time to read the following 3 items, it will help your registration go much smoother.

What is an AYSO Membership Year?

  • Every company, activity, school, or group has a certain date that starts their year. AYSO starts theirs on August 1st, and calls it a Membership Year.
  • Fall 2015, Winter 2015/2016, Spring 2016, and Summer 2016 are all part of AYSO's MY2015. 
  • The first time you play each membership year, you will [Apply as a new / returning player] and pay the $20 region fee. This is usually done for the Fall season, but if you skip Fall and play in Spring or another program, you'll need to do these steps before signing up for your program. 

Apply or Sign-up?

  • [Apply for new / returning player] in eAYSO is something you only do only once per membership year. This tells us that you will participate in (at least) one of our programs this year. There is a Region Fee of $20 for this which is used primarily for annual SAI insurance. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the Application to be processed. You'll get an email when processed. 
  • [Sign up for program] is to join any of our programs, such as Fall season, or VIP, or GoalKeeper Academy. There is Program Fee for this which is based on which program. 
  • If you don't know which to choose, the easiest way to try [Sign up for other program.] If that doesn't work for you, most likely you haven't yet applied or been processed. 

New Player or Returning Player?

  • [Apply for new player] is for a player that has never been entered into eAYSO. (A new AYSO ID is created.) 
  • [Apply for returning player] is for a player that already has an eAYSO ID, because they played in previous AYSO membership years.

    Region 213 Registration Instructions

There are only two steps to register for soccer in AYSO Region 213.
  1. Apply as a new or returning player.
    • Log in or create an account on
    • Click on [Apply as a new / returning player] at the top left of the screen. (See guide above for difference)
    • The application is only done only once per AYSO membership year (for seasons from Fall to Summer)
    • There is a $20 Region Fee. Payment by credit card will get the application processed much faster, within 24 to 48 hours.
    • Once processed, you'll get an email from the Region thanking you, and asking you to sign up for your program. (See step 2 below.)
  2. Signup for your program.
    • Log in to on your account.
    • Click on [Sign up for other programs.]
    • Choose the program you want to sign up for. Most likely, this will be 1p Fall Core.
    • The fee is based on the program (season, camp, etc). You can visit our Programs page for a list of fees throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions about registration

What are the fees?
  • Region Fee
    • $20. Every player must pay this fee once per AYSO Year.

  • Program Fee  
    • $105 - Fall Rec (standard program) early bird discount
    • $130 - Fall Rec (standard program) after July 17
    • $30 - VIP (special needs)
    • $100 - Goal Keeper Academy (U8 and older)
    • $125 - North Irvine Youth Academy (NIYA)

  • Optional Donation
    • $50 - Volunteer Recognition Fund
    • $105 - Full Scholarship used for helping a needing family to play
    • $60 - Half scholarship used toward helping a needing family to play

Two fees? A Region Fee? Program Fee?

  • We have always charged this fee, all regions do. It is usually just included in the normal fees. 
  • This fee covers annual expenses per player, at both local and national levels.
  • Based on how our system is structured, it is more efficient for our processing if we split this fee out.
  • For your benefit, it helps prevent us from charging the once-a-year fee a second time. 

Birth Certificates / age verification

  • If you are new to AYSO (and often even if you aren't) you may be asked to provide proof of age for the player.
  • You can check if you need this. Click on [Print player form] from the eAYSO home screen. (You don't need to print, just look.) At the bottom right of page one, there is a box that says DOB Verification. If this is empty or N, you should provide proof of age.
  • A scan of a birth certificate or passport is sufficient. It can be emailed to

If you have questions about your registration status, you can email