Registration Instructions for Region 213

There are two steps to play soccer in AYSO Region 213.
  1. Join Region 213 for the Membership Year
    • This is only required once per AYSO year (for seasons from Fall to Summer)
    • There is a $20 Region Fee
  2. Signup for your program.
    • This is for each program you join (Fall or Spring season, NIYA Camp, etc.)
    • The fee is based on the program (season, camp, etc)
To help you register your child for the soccer season, click on the right option below:
My child already joined Region 213 for this AYSO year (starts Fall, ends Spring) and wants to sign up for a season, camp, or program.
My child played in AYSO but that was before Fall 2014.
My child played in another AYSO region for this AYSO year (starts Fall, ends Spring.)
My child has not played in AYSO before.

Frequently Asked Questions about registration
  • Two fees? A Region Fee? The Fee is so small?
    • We have always charged this fee, all regions do. It is usually just included in the normal fees. 
    • This fee covers annual expenses per player, at both local and national levels.
    • Based on how our system is structured, it is more efficient for our processing if we split this fee out.
    • For your benefit, it helps prevent us from charging the once-a-year fee a second time.

  • Birth Certificates / age verification
    • If you are new to AYSO (and often even if you aren't) you may be asked to provide proof of age for the player.
    • You can check if you need this. Click on [Print player form] from the eAYSO home screen. (You don't need to print, just look.) At the bottom right of page one, there is a box that says DOB Verification. If this is empty or N, you should provide proof of age.
    • A scan of a birth certificate or passport is sufficient. It can be emailed to

If you have questions about your registration status, you can email