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Injury and Incident Reporting

Coaches are the primary point of contact with players and parents when it comes to working with AYSO Region 213. When a player is injured to the point where he/she can not continue to participate and the injury is deemed severe enough to see a doctor then the coach needs to complete an incident report form and send it to our Safety Director, Ameer Mody and the Regional Commissioner within 24 hours of the incident. The form must be submitted within one week of the incident. 

If a player misses practices and/or games due to major injury he/she will need to provide a doctor's note showing that the player is fit to play. For concussion injuries, a signed participation release form is required. This is for the player's overall safety as well as to protect the coach's and AYSO's liability.

Soccer Insurance
AYSO offers Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) that can be used in addition to a player's existing insurance coverage. The claim must be submitted within 90 days of the injury. More information on this program can be obtained at the website - AYSO Insurance Information

Incidents includes those events that are outside of normal behavior. Although very rare in Irvine, an incident might include threatening or violent behavior, fighting, damage to property, calls to the police, and similar situations. Such events must be reported using an incident report formRegion 213 views such events very seriously and the form must be submitted to our Safety Director, Ameer Mody and the Regional Commissioner within 24 hours of the event.