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All Stars

Welcome to the All Star home page! 

At the conclusion of the Fall primary season, we offer the All Star program to our top boys / girls U9 - U14 primary program players.

All Stars
Each age division (for both boys and girls), will form All Star teams. The All Star players are selected based on tryouts. All Star teams play against similar teams from other Area Q regions in January and early February. All Star division winners progress onto the Sectional All Star Tournament in late February. 

The All Star program is a more advanced level of play then is provided during the Fall Rec season, thus requiring a greater time commitment from the player. A player must agree to make the All Star program (late November through early February) his or her top sports priority.  We do mind if the player participates in other sports; only that conflicts are resolved in favor of the All Star team. A player that cannot or will not make this commitment will not be selected to a team.  A player that does not honor his or her commitment without good reason will likely not be considered for future All Star teams.  The team concept means that all players rely on each other and this presents an opportunity for parents to teach their children loyalty to the team and sacrifice for the common good.

The All Star program prepares players to advance to more competitive levels of play within the region if they have interest; or they can return to the Fall Primary program and thereby remain eligible to participate in next year’s All Star program if selected to a team. 

Spring Select
Spring Select allows All Star teams to continue into the spring. Games are played within Area Q, like the All Star season, and it runs from March through mid-May (paralleling the Spring Primary program season), culminating in the Orange County Spring Classic on the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. All Star players who elect to not play Spring Select will be replaced by the coach & division commissioner.

Tryouts will be scheduled for the week of November 10. The details will be posted early November. 

Practices will start early December and will continue through the season. They and are normally twice per week. 

Games are scheduled to start in January 10, 2015 and run through January 31, 2015. The teams will play two games on Saturday, with Sunday open to allow for any make-up games due to weather. 

B10: TBA
G10: TBA
B12: TBA
G12: TBA
B14: TBA
G14: TBA

Mandatory Coach Meeting
See the  Area Q All Star web page

Coach Training
Coaches will need to obtain training that is one level above the level that was required for the Fall season. Classes will be posted.  Periodic searches on are suggested.