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 No Dogs On Our Soccer Fields!!!

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Section 11: http://s11-16-fall.matchtrak.com/

Area Q: http://s11q-16-fall.matchtrak.com/

Area L: http://s11l-16-fall.matchtrak.com/

Region 213: http://s11q213-16-fall.matchtrak.com/



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What's happening in Region 213?

Spring Registration - open!

Our Spring Registration is now open. Our system is very new, and we are excited about how useful and easy it will be.  As we tune it up and work out any instructions that aren't clean, we encourage you to email us for any feedback on your registration experience. If something was really useful, or was too confusing, or didn't work, please let us know anything you want to share. You can help us make your experiences better.

In addition to just registration, we will be moving this website over to the new platform as well. If anyone is interested in helping with the new website, please let me know.  Mostly we only need info moved over, we want someone to do some copying and pasting and making it look good.  We don't need a site developer or designer.

A discounted rate ($20 off) through the remainder of Fall season is available, putting the price at $95 (plus National Player Fee if you didn't play in fall.) 
The new registration and the upcoming website can be found at AYSO213.org.

Board Openings

While we have a well-established board of directors, we continue to look for parents to help grow our programs in North Irvine. 

  • We are currently looking for an Facility Coordinator. You would have an easy job of reserving the community center for various events, such as trainings or board meetings. It is only an hour or two a month of your time, and simply involves filling in a single-sheet form and letting us know the results.

  • We are currently looking for a Photographer. If you like to take pictures and can get to various events, drop us a line! We would like someone who can help document some of our events by way of photography.

  • We need a handful of people to be Support Staff. This is quite an easy position. Spend a few hours helping out at an info booth, or working a carnival booth, or being a field marshal for a tournament.

If you have interest, or know someone that might be, please contact the Regional Commissioner. If you're not ready to take on a board position, we have many other volunteer roles, some of which are described at this link.

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