AYSO Region 213 - North Irvine
Welcome to the Home Page of Region 213 serving North Irvine (the area in Irvine north of Irvine Center Drive)

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Lost and Found

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Youth Referees
We had a great turnout for our referee course late in August, with over 20 youth referees under the age of 15 showing up. A big congratulations and thank you go out to all of them, and to some of the coaches who encouraged them to attend!
I will try to get pictures of them in action once the season starts, and try to pose them up here. If you have children playing, and you have youth referees (or any referees, for that matter) please make sure to say thank you to them, as they are volunteering hard so the kids can play!

Board Openings

While we have a well-established board of directors, we continue to look for new recruits to help grow our programs in North Irvine. 

We are currently looking for a treasurer. If you have accounting / financial experience and are willing to help out the region in this role, or just want more information about it, please contact us.

We are currently looking for a purchaser. If you like to shop and buy things, please contact us. The purchaser role helps by doing just that... shopping, getting quotes or approvals, and putting orders in. It's a low-commitment task, but one that is helpful.

If you have interest, or know someone that might be, please contact the Regional Commissioner. If you're not ready to take on a board position, we have many other volunteer roles, some of which are described at this link.

Fall Game Schedule

Area L - Boys U16, U19

Section - Extra U9-U16

Coming Events 2015

Nov 21   

Mayor's Cup


Friendly Reminder 
No Dogs On Our Soccer Fields!!!

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